TranScreen goes Paraplufabriek -Gender: A Universal Language

18739235_10155427478816518_6420979146663842993_oOn 17 June 2017 we will screen A WAY OF DYING: an experimental film discussing contemporary North European trans contexts. Director Mijke van der Drift will be present in Paraplufabriek Nijmegen for an extended Q&A, moderated by trans activist and academic Vick Virtu.

15:00 Open / Entrance
15:15 Introduction on exhibition by Julius Thissen
15:30 Introduction on screening by TranScreen Film Festival
15:35 Screening: A Way of Dying by Mijke van der Drift & Alex Reuter
15:50 Q&A with Mijke van der Drift, moderated by Vick Virtu
17:00 Drinks

This event is part of the two week exhibition Gender: A Universal Language and will be in English. See also the Facebook event.

More info:

A way of dying….
A film by Alex Reuter and Mijke van der Drift (12 minutes)

Discussing cis normality and trans liberalism as problematic, the film makes a case for defeatism: if it doesn’t get better, we need to face the fact that we will be gone soon. A way of dying… shows trans beyond identity as physical reality without gloss. It makes a case for finding solidarity as means to go beyond a politics of possessions and ownership, onto a form of life that is marked by empathy and radical politics.

A way of dying…. is an experimental film presenting and discussing contemporary North European trans contexts. A way of dying…. presents the case for trans defeatism. It is concerned with the questions ‘what if it doesn’t get better, and what if this is all there is?’ From this premise A way of dying…. addresses both the problems with transnormativity: the agglomerate of ‘proper’ ways of being trans, as well as the problem of trying to live alternative forms of life. A way of dying…. addresses mainstream violence, but does not
claim alternative communities are harmless. The film addresses the problems of forming new lives both on the personal and the communal level. A desired innocence about the violence that is operational upon various levels makes this harder, thus A way of dying….invites the viewer to swallow this and to see what form of life can happen from there. The emotional scope ranges from anger to tenderness to sadness, alternating between stillness and energetic outbursts. The texts varying from lyrical to abstract to direct and poetic, and aim at destabilising the viewer and inviting a variety of interpretations.

A way of dying…. is the second project in the collaboration of Mijke van der Drift and Alex Reuter. Escaping into Common Places, having Gothic Adventures in the Neoclassical and Other Ages. Or: My Life is Framed by You, their first film, addressed hypervisibility of trans bodies.

The texts of A way of dying…. are assembled from fragments of Kathy Acker, Luce Irigaray, and Jackie Wang and written by Mijke van der Drift. The bursts of style differences convey the different approaches and issues around the topic of trans. Working independently, Alex Reuter directed the postproduction. This ensured that no single voice will lead the project and the outcome is as much collaboration as surprise.

Direction: Alex Reuter and Mijke van der Drift
Performance: Ville Erdedi and Mijke van der Drift
Cinematography: Alex Reuter
Assistant Director: Frederik Müller
Sound: Alex Reuter and ML Rox

Mijke van der Drift & Alex Reuter
Mijke and Alex worked together in various projects, besides their artisticcollaboration on a way of dying… and escaping into common places (&c.). Alex studied photography and makes solo work researching questions of home, gender, belonging, and aging through a variety of techniques such as photo, film, stop motion, animation. They have exhibited in the Netherlands and abroad. Their work explores details and structures of every day life and confrontation, claiming space for unexpected answers to often ignored questions. One of these questions is the question to one’s gender when someone is alone. The answers get explored through meticulous self-interrogation, through engagement with animals, and in the lives of elderly people. Mijke studied choreography at the School for New Dance Development, and Philosophy in Amsterdam, Maastricht, Berlin and London. They are currently finishing a PhD. at Goldsmiths, University of London with the title Nonnormative Ethics: the dynamic formation of trans. Mijke makes theatre and films, teaches in and outside of the academy (Goldsmiths, Amsterdam School for the Arts, University of Amsterdam). Mijke’s work is concerned with questions to the emergence of forms of life in the light of structural violence and the possibility of creating space for other logics of life. Mijke and Alex have both performed with Amsterdam Drag Queers, besides their

Vick Virtu
Vick is a young academic, trans activist, queer migrant and feminist dreamer. He
was born in Sicily, lived for many years in Bologna and worked in several places
(Italy, UK, Spain, China). He moved to the Netherlands in 2012. He holds an MA
in Comparative Literature at the University College London (UCL) and an MSc in
Management of Culture and the Arts (GIOCA), School of Economics, Bologna. He is currently a PhD candidate at the Institute for Management Research (IMR) at Radboud University Nijmegen (Netherlands), where he is working in the field of
sexuality in organization studies in both for-profit and social movement contexts.
He is also co-editor of the forthcoming GJSS special issue “Trans materialities”. In parallel to his academic work, Vick is actively involved in queer and transgender organizing and community-building (TranScreen, the Amsterdam Transgender Film Festival; MIT, Trans Identities Movement in Italy).