Submissions 2013 (Closed)

The deadline for the second edition of TranScreen (8-12 May 2013) was the 1st of February 2013.

For preliminary viewing, send us your work as  DVD  (NTSC or PAL) or send us a link to your film file at dropbox and the likes. Include the necessary press material with your entry, such as photos and a short description. (These can also be emailed to us at info[@]

Please include our entry form with your application. If you have more than one entry, use separate forms.

Send your entry to:
BOB tav.
Weteringschans 195
1017 XE Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Art exhibition

TranScreen is a festival strongly connected to the Dutch and international transgender community. There is no better way to celebrate and contemplate trans* culture than with art.

Contact us with your exhibition questions at ART(a)

For organisers

We encourage you to organize a transgender-related event, transgender-related reading or exhibition (during the day) in your own space during TranScreen – the location and dates will be published as soon as we know them.
Please contact info[a] if you wish to be mentioned in our programme booklet. And of course: mention us in yours!

If you have any questions regarding to your entry, really, don’t hesitate to mail us:


10 thoughts on “Submissions 2013 (Closed)

  1. Dear TranScreen,
    I will send my film DOCUMENT to you for consideration for your first festival!
    My film stars Raphael Barker in his follow-up to John Cameron Mitchell’s SHORTBUS.
    In my film, Raphael plays a young man who leaves small-town America for L.A.,
    and along the way decides to transgender.

    Please check out our website.
    I would love to be in your festival
    and return to Amsterdam!

    Michael Brody

    • Thanks,
      yes, PLEASE send us your work!
      Especially: if the work challenges attitudes and is made by and about transgender people of all ages, races and abilities.

  2. Hello, I have just discovered this page. I’m actually working on my first trans film, and it will be finished around mid December. Would you accept non narrative films if I were to enter my film?

    • Yes, ofcourse! We accept anything, narrative, non-narrative, experimental, animation, drama, comedy…… ANYTHING that’s related to providing a non-standard non-medicalised view on transgender life, trans culture and/or identity.

  3. hello my friends from transcreen, im fernando reyes from honduras, central america. a friend of mine in germany will send it to you all a documentary that i made in 2010, about all the hate crimes commited to the transexual community in Honduras, becouse of the coup d-etat made in jan. 28 of 2009.
    the video has a version in german and its called AUF MEINEN HIGHHEELS. hope the best!
    fernando reyes

    • Submission deadline is OVER – no more entries for 2011 beyond this point!
      The next festival will be in 2013 – or perhaps even earlier, so keep your eye on our site and/or subscribe to us through social media to view the next deadlines.

  4. I am a trans activist from India and will like to submit my film for the festival.. it will be highly appreciated if I will be informed the date and postal address etc. require to send the film.

    Amitava Sarkar

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