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Zaterdag 10 maart 19:45 – 21:30
Vrijdag 16 maart 17:30 – 19:30
 ‘Just Charlie’ at Roze Filmdagen

Zondag 11 maart 19:45 – 21:15
Zondag 18 maart 13:45 -15:15
‘Shorts EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED’ at Roze Filmdagen

Maandag 23 april – Dutch shorts
Outvieuw Queer Filmfestival ATHENE

Zaterdag 5 mei – tba

Queer legacies: Transforming practice in museums and galleries post-2017

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Wed 7 March 2018
10:30 – 17:00 GMT
Brighton Museum & Art Gallery
The Old Courthouse 118 Church Street (side entrance)
Brighton, England BN1 1UD

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Queer Legacies is a one-day conference exploring the impact on the museum and galleries sector of programming to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in the UK in 2017. Have LGBTQ collaborations and events in the museum and gallery sector during 2017 created a permanent legacy? Have they helped to challenge and change the ways in which museums and galleries look at and share their collections, how they operate and how they collaborate with diverse communities? The conference explores the challenges and successes of projects over the past year, from the point of view of museums, galleries and the communities with which they have collaborated, and the legacy that is transforming the ways in which the sector works.

Amsterdam Museum: Community acknowledgement and transforming museum
practice; from outreach to ‘inreach’.

Illustrated by the Amsterdam Museum projects Transmission and Trans* Objects (video art project of TranScreen edition 2017), together with Amsterdam Museum we will give a presentation. Our main focus will be on the need for community acknowledgement and for museum accessibility, in order for museums to play a constructive role in empowering and connecting people. We will talk about representation and identity in the Amsterdam Museum but mainly take our audiences with us on a journey of transforming museum practice. Our presentation aims to be an inspirational talk about making the museum more relevant and accessible based on working with communities, and, in the context of acknowledgement and reciprocity, about the added value of a museum can bring to LGBTQI+ communities.


This event is organised by Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove. Each year the Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove, organises a national conference for the museums sector with support from the Arts Council of England.

TranScreen presents: ‘Shorts EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED’ at Roze Filmdagen

Zondag 11 maart 19:45 – 21:15
Zondag 18 maart 13:45 -15:15
Sterke karakters in vier krachtige FTM shorts.
Young and strong: four FTM tales.
Engels gesproken of Engels ondertiteld, 83 min.
English or with English subtitles

1. APPROACHING (pristoupili)
Tsjechië 2016, 30 min, Tereza Pospíšilová
Een 15-jarige Roma, weggelopen en onderweg naar Praag, en een mooie ontmoeting.
A young Roma trans boy and an elderly gentleman become soulmates.

Frankrijk 2017, 11 min, Elsa Aloisio
De Algerijns-Franse Dal overwint vele barrières, strijdbaar en openhartig.
An Algerian-French transgender comes to term with identity, religion and sports.

VS 2016, 12 min, Ozzy Villazon
Een jonge Latino wordt wel zeer ongewenst zwanger.
When your body plays the meanest tricks on you.

Oostenrijk 2017, 30 min, Clara Stern
Een nieuw leven, een nieuwe baan. Mathias moet nog wennen.
Adjusting to a new job can be hard, for some even harder.

TranScreen presents: ‘Just Charlie’ at Roze Filmdagen

Zaterdag 10 maart 19:45 – 21:30
Vrijdag 16 maart 17:30 – 19:30
Engeland 2017, 100 min, Rebekah Fortune
Engels gesproken, niet ondertiteld / English, no subtitles
Charlie is goed in voetbal. Zo goed zelfs, dat hij door een talent-scout gespot wordt. Dat is mooi voor vader Paul, die via Charlie zijn eigen mislukte voetbalcarriere wil goedmaken. Die droom lijkt in duigen te vallen als Charlie niet langer wil ontkennen dat ze eigenlijk een meisje is. Met moeder en zus aan haar kant, zal de familie en de omgeving voor grote uitdagingen komen te staan.
Met geweldig spel en oog voor detail geeft de film een prachtig beeld van hoe een doodnormaal gezin in een doodnormale wijk omgaat met veranderingen, waarbij onverwachte steun kan botsen met koppige tegenstand.
Publiekswinnaar op het Edinburgh International Film Festival.

As the star player in his football team, Charlie is living up to the high, maybe too high, expectations of his father. But when Charlie can no longer deny the facts, and starts to accept that she is a girl, this is only the start of a long journey. Unflinching, and with stellar performances, Just Charlie manages not only to handle difficult topics but also to be a damn charming delightful movie.

Friend of the festival freed from prison

TranScreen has collaborated often with LGBTIx groups from Ankara and Turkey.

Kaos GL from Ankara says:

Human rights defender Ali Erol freed under judicial control

Our co-founder and LGBTI rights defender Ali Erol was detained on Friday, Feb. 2 in his Ankara home where he lives with his partner on the grounds of his social media posts. Following his statement to the police and the prosecutor Tuesday, he was sent to the Criminal Court of Peace with a demand that he be put under judicial control. The Fifth Criminal Court of Peace ruled to free him under judicial control.

We could not find the details of this detention and the ongoing investigation due to a confidentiality decision and this is a clear violation of freedom of thought and expression. The detention and investigation of Ali Erol due to his social media posts demanding peace following Ankara governor’s “ban on LGBTI events for an indefinite period” in November 2017 reveals once again the increase in obstacles and pressures against LGBTI rights.

This pressure, detention and investigations against human rights defenders shows how much we need human rights. We once again repeat that everyone needs human rights.

Each year, thousands of human rights defenders are trying to be silence through fabricated or ridiculous reasons that turn into lengthy, costly and mostly unjust judicial processes. The long struggle in the field of human rights shows us that the effect of silencing human rights defenders can be more unnerving and long-lasting than directly putting pressure on those groups. Silencing human rights defenders who work to initiate civil organizations with bravery, who speak up and who are respected through their bravery and work is a powerful tool. Trying to suppress the courage of human rights defenders is a common tactic by those violating rights. Because of this, protecting human rights defenders is a fundamental area of work for human rights organizations across the World today. Because fear is as contagious as courage and fear can only be beaten by standing with courage.

Kaos GL

Note: Judicial control in Turkey usually entails going to the police station periodically and a ban on traveling abroad.

Translation: LGBTI News Turkey