Friend of the festival freed from prison

TranScreen has collaborated often with LGBTIx groups from Ankara and Turkey.

Kaos GL from Ankara says:

Human rights defender Ali Erol freed under judicial control

Our co-founder and LGBTI rights defender Ali Erol was detained on Friday, Feb. 2 in his Ankara home where he lives with his partner on the grounds of his social media posts. Following his statement to the police and the prosecutor Tuesday, he was sent to the Criminal Court of Peace with a demand that he be put under judicial control. The Fifth Criminal Court of Peace ruled to free him under judicial control.

We could not find the details of this detention and the ongoing investigation due to a confidentiality decision and this is a clear violation of freedom of thought and expression. The detention and investigation of Ali Erol due to his social media posts demanding peace following Ankara governor’s “ban on LGBTI events for an indefinite period” in November 2017 reveals once again the increase in obstacles and pressures against LGBTI rights.

This pressure, detention and investigations against human rights defenders shows how much we need human rights. We once again repeat that everyone needs human rights.

Each year, thousands of human rights defenders are trying to be silence through fabricated or ridiculous reasons that turn into lengthy, costly and mostly unjust judicial processes. The long struggle in the field of human rights shows us that the effect of silencing human rights defenders can be more unnerving and long-lasting than directly putting pressure on those groups. Silencing human rights defenders who work to initiate civil organizations with bravery, who speak up and who are respected through their bravery and work is a powerful tool. Trying to suppress the courage of human rights defenders is a common tactic by those violating rights. Because of this, protecting human rights defenders is a fundamental area of work for human rights organizations across the World today. Because fear is as contagious as courage and fear can only be beaten by standing with courage.

Kaos GL

Note: Judicial control in Turkey usually entails going to the police station periodically and a ban on traveling abroad.

Translation: LGBTI News Turkey

Saturday 22:00 MasQueerade Party @ MEZRAB

16 September 22:00 – 03:00 / MasQueerade Party AT MEZRAB / DJ’s & performance
With DJ Alex Kaseta &DJ FLOOKA and performance from Mavi VelosoKami Sid & Oi, Cissy!  and MC Consuelo.

Dance with us!


MAJOR! + discussion around intersectionality

TranScreen Film Festival presents: MAJOR! + debate
Saturday September 16th, 1 PM – 3:30 PM, Kriterion 2 

Na de documentaire MAJOR! volgt een discussie rondom het onderwerp intersectionaliteit in de trans* gemeenschap. Intersectionaliteit kan worden uitgelegd als de intersectie van verschillende identiteiten en vormen van onderdrukking die in één persoon samen komen. In het geval van Miss Major vormen zowel het feit dat ze zwart is, als het feit dat ze trans* is belangrijke onderdelen van haar identiteit. Samen verstrengeld zorgen deze voor de onderdrukking en worstelingen die zij dagelijks doormaakt. De paneldiscussie zal dieper ingaan op het wegschrijven van intersectionele minderheden uit de geschiedenis.

Met onder andere Dinah de Riquet-Bons & Olave Basabose

Following the documentary MAJOR!, we will engage into a discussion around the subject of intersectionality in the trans* community. Intersectionality can be understood as the intersection of different identities and forms of oppression that intersect in one person. In the case of Miss Major, both her being black and her being trans* are important parts of her identity. Together they are intertwined with the oppression and struggles she faces daily. The panel talk will delve deeper into the subject of the erasure of intersectional minories from history.

Including Dinah de Riquet-Bons & Olave Basabose

Buy an extra ticket and make it possible for refugees to watch a film.

Bezoekers kunnen een steentje bijdragen aan de inclusiviteit van het festival. Bij aankoop van je kaartje kan geld worden gedoneerd voor een extra kaartje. Deze vrijkaarten worden beschikbaar gesteld aan queer vluchtelingen, die anders niet in de gelegenheid zijn om het festival te bezoeken. TranScreen verdubbelt het aantal kaarten die gedoneerd worden.
Vluchtelingen die hier gebruik van willen maken, kunnen een van de organisatoren van TranScreen aanspreken op het festival en zullen persoonlijk geholpen worden aan een gratis ticket.

Visitors can contribute to the inclusivity of the festival. When you buy your ticket, money can be donated for an additional ticket. These free tickets will be made available to queer refugees who otherwise will not be able to visit the festival. TranScreen doubles the number of tickets being donated.
Refugees who wish to make use of this can appeal to TranScreen’s organisation at the festival and will be assisted personally with a free ticket.

14 September 19:30 OPENING CEREMONY with My Nature @Kriterion

Our official opening with the beautiful film My Nature and a Q&A with Massimiliana. You won’t miss this! Afterward we officially open the exhibition of Moi Bleu (pictures) and P Bucket (paintings) and have some drinks with you at the foyer. 

Massimiliano Ferraina & Gianluca Loffredo | Italy | 2015 | 75’ | Fictional Documentary | Italian & English spoken | English subtitles

Een prachtige en unieke film over de ontdekkingsreis van Simon, een transman, die vertrekt uit zijn woonplaats in Zuid-Italië naar het idyllische, centraal-Italiaanse platteland van Umbrië. De weg naar een compleet begrip en realisatie van zijn dromen wordt nog steeds beïnvloed door gebeurtenissen uit zijn verleden. Door nieuwe vriendschappen en ervaringen in contact met de natuur leert hij, na jaren van zelfhaat, van zichzelf te houden.
A beautiful and unique film about Simon, a transman, who leaves his hometown in Southern Italy to the idyllic central Italian countryside of Umbria to embark on a journey of self-discovery. The road to the complete understanding and realisation of his dreams is still influenced by past events. Through new friendships and experiences in contact with nature, he learns to love himself after many years of self-hate.

In de foyer is een expositie van Moi Bleu (foto’s) en P Bucket (schilderijen).
In the foyer there is an exhibition of Moi Bleu (pictures) and P Bucket (paintings).