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Three special intimate documentaries about Australian culture and identity,  including stories about indigenous Australians. A unique opportunity to see what it means to be young, indigenous and trans in Australia.

Brotherboys Yarnin’ Up

Lisa Taylor Obrien | Australia | 2014 | 9’ | English | No subtitles
Still Brotherboys Yarnin' UpKai and Dean identify as brotherboys, which Kai describes as ‘an Indigenous transgender or gender diverse person who was assigned female at birth, but inside they have a boy spirit and they live through that boy spirit and take on male roles in their community’. When he began testosterone treatment, Kai searched in vain for a support group online. Fearing there was no one else out there like him, he eventually stumbled across the Facebook page Sistergirls and Brotherboys, connecting with fellow brotherboy, Dean from the Wiradjuri tribe, who decided to transition eight years ago while he was married with four kids. Kai and Dean have since formed a strong bond and share their view on educating a fundamental part of their ongoing experience with their Elders.

In My Shoes

Mat Govoni & Monique Schafter | Australia | 2014 | 6’ | English | No subtitles
Still In My ShoesIn My Shoes explores what it’s like growing up transgender, intimately told through the eyes of five young Australians.
Film | Site Monique Schafter


Donna McCrum & Andy Canny | Australia | 2011 | 55’ | English | No subtitles
Still SistagirlSistagirl is a journey that defies existing stereotypes of what it means to be an indigenous Australian today. This culturally rich, emotional and visually stunning documentary tells the story of award-winning photographer Bindi Cole’s attempt to artistically question what constitutes an Aboriginal identity. After meeting the loud and proud drag performer ‘Foxxy Empire’, alter ego of Tiwi Islander Jason De Santis, her curiosity is piqued upon hearing about the beautiful, little known, transgender ‘Sistagirl’ community of the remote Tiwi Islands. Melbourne girl Bindi accepts Foxxy’s invitation to document this private, cultural world and travels along to the Tiwi Islands, 90 km’s north of Darwin.
Trailer | Site film

Nederlands  NEDERLANDS

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Drie bijzondere, intieme documentaires over de oorspronkelijke Australische cultuur en trans*genders. Een unieke kans om te zien wat het betekent om een oorspronkelijke bewoner van Australië te zijn.

Brotherboys Yarnin’ Up

Lisa Taylor Obrien | Australië | 2014 | 9’ | Engels | Niet ondertiteld
Still Brotherboys Yarnin' UpKai en Dean identificeren zich als brotherboys, die Kai omschrijft als “een inheemse transgender of genderdiverse persoon die bij de geboorte het vrouwelijk geslacht werd toegewezen, maar een jongensgeest heeft en de mannelijke rol vervult in zijn gemeenschap”. Toen hij begon met de testosteronbehandeling, zocht Kai vergeefs naar een online steungroep. Uiteindelijk vond hij de Facebook-pagina Sistergirls en Brotherboys, van collega-brotherboy Dean van de Wiradjuri-stam. Dean ging acht jaar geleden in transitie, terwijl hij getrouwd was en vier kinderen had. Kai en Dean hebben sinds ze elkaar vonden een sterke band, en delen hun ervaringen en visie met anderen.

In My Shoes

Mat Govoni & Monique Schafter | Australië | 2014 | 6’ | Engels | Niet ondertiteld
Still In My ShoesIn My Shoes onderzoekt hoe het is om als transgender op te groeien. Een intieme blik door de ogen van vijf jonge Australiërs.
Film | Site Monique Schafter


Donna McCrum & Andy Canny | Australië | 2011 | 55’ | Engels | Niet ondertiteld
Still SistagirlSistagirl is een reis die bestaande stereotypen over wat het betekent om vandaag de dag een inheemse Australische te zijn, uitdaagt. Deze cultureel rijke, emotionele en visueel verbluffende documentaire vertelt het verhaal van de poging van de prijswinnende fotografe Bindi Cole om op artistieke wijze te vragen wat een inheemse identiteit inhoudt. Na een ontmoeting met de luidruchtige en trotse dragperformer Foxxy Empire, alter ego van Tiwi-Eilander Jason De Santis, is haar nieuwsgierigheid gewekt als ze hoort over de mooie, weinig bekende, transgender-gemeenschap van Sistagirls op de afgelegen Tiwi Eilanden. Het meisje Bindi uit Melbourne neemt de uitnodiging van Foxxy aan om zijn persoonlijke, culturele wereld vast te leggen. Ze reist met hem mee naar de Tiwi-eilanden, 90 km ten noorden van Darwin.
Trailer | Site film

One thought on “Australia

  1. REGARDING THE FILM SISTAGIRL: After 3 editions it turns out that we are still in a learning process as festival organizers. Today’s Australia program is a good example of that. We apologize for not having framed the film SISTAGIRL better in the introduction. We understand why some people left upset claiming that the film is racist. We should have discussed more in the introduction that we shared this concern while programming it, and that we actually had a long discussion about it. We are aware that some things said in the film could actually be considered racist and that the white filmmakers’ and protagonist’s perspective is questionable. But in the movie the tension between indigenous and white Australians also becomes apparent, exactly the thing that was mentioned in the introduction. We are aware that the main character is not a very sympathetic person at times and that she probably mostly after her own interest as a photographer, even though the Sistagirls themselves invited her to make the photoproject about them and not the other way around. The reason why we programmed this film is exactly because of it’s tension and controversial nature.

    We as a festival don’t agree necesarrily with EVERYTHING said or portrayed in any of the films programmed at TranScreen. Because we realize we all have different backgrounds and experiences and we dont want to decide for anyone how they should feel or think about a film, before they actually can see it for themselves. Trans* stories worldwide are diverse, with diverse perspectives, not all of them comfortable to hear or see.

    We again apologize for not having addressed the movie in a more critical way in the introduction, and that people felt offended. Because of this the people that left, also missed the opportunity to maybe decide differently about the film after having seen the whole film instead just the first 10 minutes. However we will take what happened with us and reflect on this for our future editions. Also we are open for discussion, so please just come to us and tell us.

    Much love from your imperfect organisers ❤

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