TranScreen x IFFR Young Selectors: Girls Lost

Friday December 14th at 8 PM – 3 AM WORM Rotterdam Boomgaardsstraat 71, 3012 XA Rotterdam, Netherlands

The new IFFR Young Selectors are coming this year with the theme of Seeking Identity. In today’s hypermodern, hyper-digital rapidly changing world, the sense of who we are and what it means to be yourself is quickly transforming. In a series of events, you’re going to join us on a trip to explore the different facets of personal identity. This time around we are putting the focus on gender and identity.

FILM: Girls Lost 🦋

In Girls Lost we join teenage outcast friends Kim, Momo and Bella, shy and soft-spoken girls, as they spend their junior high school days being bullied by boys, unable to stand up for themselves. The tide magically turns when they plant a mysterious seed that grows a special flower with nectar that allows them to turn into boys at night.

What is it like to live as ‘the stronger sex’? How do the change of perspective and their temporary metamorphosis affect their friendship’s dynamic and their relationships with others? More importantly, how does all this genderbending magic transform the way they see themselves and the way they feel at home in their bodies?

Get ready for a magical realist fairy tale about gender identity.✨🌺


AFTERPARTY: Flower Garden 👯‍♂️🌺👯‍♀️

20:00 hours: walk-in
20:30 hours: start short film ‘Absent Wound’
20:45 hours: start ‘Girls Lost’
22:30 hours: end ‘Girls Lost’
22:45 hours: start discussion “Film & Identity”
23:15 hours: start afterparty in the Flower Garden 🌺
03:00 hours: end afterparty

Combi Tickets (Film + Afterparty) = €8
Afterparty = €5 [DOORSALE ONLY]

IQMF: Bixa Travesty (Tranny Fag)

Zaterdag 8 december 22: 15 – 23:35 in De Balie
Zondag 9 december 19:00 – 20:20 in De Balie

Samen met IQMF co-hosten wij deze prijswinnende documentaire volgt Mc Linn Da Quebrada, een zwarte transvrouw, artiest en activist uit een van de armere wijken van São Paulo. Haar muziek is een funky wapen tegen machismo en met haar sterke en uitdagende voorkomen op het podium, gaat ze continue de strijd aan met rolpatronen en stereotypering.

Saturday December 8th 22:15 – 23:35 at De Balie
Sunday December 9th 19:oo – 20:20 at De Balie

Together with IQMF we co-host this award-winning documentary follows Mc Linn Da Quebrada, a black trans woman, performer and activist from a poor region of São Paulo. Her electrifying funk music sounds like a “gun” against machismo. With a really strong and daring presence on stage, she constantly seeks to discuss and fight paradigms and stereotypes.

#ifyoulove political activism, body positivity & electro hip hop

This Side of Heaven, 10 November 20:30 Cavia, Amsterdam

THIS SIDE OF HEAVEN from Todd Verow on Vimeo.
V (Philly Abe), an older trans woman, is desperately trying to hold on to her rent stabilized apartment in New York City. She has endured many tragedies involving former lovers, friends, and acquaintances over the 26 years she has lived in her rat, roach and junkie infested building. She has survived corrupt landlord after corrupt landlord but her struggles have left her agoraphobic and reclusive.

Before the screening, Giuliana from ADM will give an introduction about ADM.

Apricot Groves, 7 November, Kriterion Amsterdam, 19:30

De Iraans-Armeense Aram is in zijn jeugd geëmigreerd naar de Verenigde Staten. Nu keert hij voor het eerst terug naar Armenië om zijn Armeense vriendin, met wie hij in de Verenigde Staten samenwoonde, ten huwelijk te vragen. Aram komt onderweg in aanraking met diverse culturele, religieuze en nationale verschillen maar er wachten grotere hindernissen op hem.

  • Een inleiding wordt verzorgd door Werner Borkes, directeur en programmeur van LGBTQA Filmfestival Roze Filmdagen.
Aram, an Iranian Armenian who has immigrated to the US when he was a child, returns to Armenia for the first time to propose to his Armenian girlfriend whom he met and lived with in the US. Aram meets many cultural, religious, and national differences during his one-day trip, but there are some bigger obstacles still ahead.
  • An introduction for this screening will be given by Werner Borkes, director and programmer of LGBTQA Filmfestival Roze Filmdagen

11 oktober Panel & Performance by Linn Da Quebrada

On Thursday, October 11th Subbacultcha organises with IQMF and TranScreen in OT301 a program with a spectacular performance by Brasilian queer performer Linn Da Quebrada. Before this performance, there will be a debate with Linn and several panel members from the network of IQMF and TranScreen at 19 o’clock. This panel is free of charge and on donation basis. The full program will be announced shortly, but tickets are already available on this website.

Hailing from the favelas of São Paulo, Linn makes music that’s both visceral and celebratory, fighting to make the queer community of Brazil more visible. Linn’s sociopolitical message is being dispersed in a club-ready package, mixing styles of baile funk, hip hop and electronic music. Linn lately released the audiovisual album ‘Pajubá‘ – which she labeled as Beyonce’s Lemonade for Brazil’s queer femmes -, starred in the documentary Tranny Fag and toured throughout Europe. It’s not everyday that we encounter an activist/rapper/singer/actor who makes music that is intellectual, joyous and boundary-pushing.

Op donderdag 11 oktober organiseert Subbacultcha met IQMF en Transcreen in OT301 een programma rondom een spectaculaire voorstelling van de Braziliaanse queer-performer Linn Da Quebrada. Voorafgaand aan de voorstelling gaan we in debat met Linn en verschillende panelleden uit het netwerk van IQMF en Transcreen om 19:00 uur. Dit panel is gratis toegankelijk en op donatie basis. Het volledige programma volgt, maar je kunt je kaarten hier alvast kopen.

Linn is afkomstig uit de favelas van São Paulo en maakt activistische muziek waarmee ze vecht voor de queer community in Brazilië. Linn’s meest recente audiovisuele album is ‘Pajubá’. Daarnaast was ze te zien in de veel geprezen documentaire Tranny Fag. Een activist, rapper, zangeres en actrice die intellectuele, vrolijke en grensverleggende muziek maakt.