PEACHES DOES HERSELF Special screening & after-party 22 Februari 23:00

Saturday 22 February 2014, 23.00h



Special screening & after-party!

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Peaches does herselfPEACHES DOES HERSELF
Dir. Peaches
Germany | 2013 | 80 min
English without subtitles

Written, directed and starring electro-rockstar Peaches, Peaches Does Herself is a chronicle of  the ground-breaking stage production created by Peaches and by her collaborators at the end of 2010.

Already defined as a new Rocky Horror Picture Show, the film plays like a renegade mix between a deviant art project and a sex-charged rock (anti) musical.

With a cast of over 40 people and a backbone of more than 20 songs from Peaches’ catalogue,

Peaches Does Herself is a wild and wonderful trip through landmark moments in her career, channelled through the artist’s eccentric imagination.

Peaches is internationally renowned as the queen of electro-punk, a feminist provocateur and sexually progressive performer: inverting not only accepted gender norms, but also talking loudly and without censorship about sex.

After the film’s world premiere in Toronto, critics have described the movie as “a ‘Pina’ for the queer and sexually liberated crowd” and “a great introduction to the wild, pumping, sexual world of Peaches“, or in Peaches own words: “The Jukebox Musical that got a Sex Change!”.

Peaches does herselfAfter the screening we invite you all to stay for the after-party. 

DJ collective the Imaginary Magic Menagerie will spin Peaches’ inspired tunes until 3 pm! 


Under the name OFF THE RECORD, film curator Christian Pazzaglia presents music documentaries in Amsterdam cinemas and clubs. Each screening is followed by an after-party with music inspired to the films.