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TranScreen has always been a festival with a edition every two years. Our last edition was September 2017. We are considering all options, but on this moment we just plan an edition in 2019 (Fall). If you want to stay informed, sign up for our newsletter!

TranScreen goes ADM! September 1st

Outdoor screening @ ADM by TranScreen. Please note: both screeningtime & openingstime Clit Club has changed 1 hour.

Screening: around 21:00, September 1 @ ADM
The Clit-Club will be open from 20:00 till after the screening. Bring warm clothes in case it gets colder, it is an open air bar. As soon as the sun goes down we will start the screening

The entrance is free, TranScreen is the sponsor, but donations to support The Clit-Club / ADM welcome!

By Hook Or By Crook, 2001- 98 min, by Harry Dodge and Silas Howard
By Hook or by Crook chronicles the tale of two unlikely friends who commit petty crimes as they search for a path  to understanding themselves and the outside world. Shy, a transgender man, who leaves his small town after the death of his father, and heads to the big city to live a life of crime. Along the way, he encounters Valentine, a
quirky adoptee, in search of his birth mother. An immediate kinship is sparked between these men and they become partners in crime. Suffering money troubles, emotional problems, and physical confrontations, the duo face their issues head on and learn to trust each other and support each other in pursuit of their goals.


Who will Fuck Daddy, 2015-65 min, Lasse Langstrom

A hypnotic, intensely personal film featuring a mix of mysterious and mystical images: a masturbating moon, a couple having sex in a tent filled with balloons and electric lights, a pair of vibrators hidden in a head of lettuce. Beautifully episodic, Who Will Fuck Daddy? switches from documentary sequences about parenthood, gender, ecstasy, and rebirth, to cruising sites in the Swedish forest, to the question of just how much pressure to put on a pair of nipples. Lasse Långström’s latest work is as political as ever with an underlying theme of the death of heteronormativity and homonationalism and a wide variety of bodies on show.

Hornweg 6, 1045 AR Amsterdam
When you arrive at the ADM-gate, enter through the side door on your left and then follow the signs to the Clit-Club.

About ADM:
ADM is for over 20 years a Cultural Free-haven in the outskirts of Amsterdam, where around 125 peoples of all ages are living and working together, in a self-created society

More info:
Note! In the event of heavy rain the event will be cancelled.
Please send an e-mail to reserve a place for the screening to:
The space is limited to 40 person.

Online Gems (@AmsterdamMuseum)

TranScreen presenteert 9 korte films in een loop van ongeveer een half uur. Perspectieven vanuit en over de trans* gemeenschap, van Argentinië via India tot Australië, variërend van animatie tot live-action, van 2012 tot en met 2018, toont het een scala aan krachtige en humoristische beelden en verhalen.

Te zien op vrijdag 3 augustus van 2 tot 5 uur in het kader van de TransPride Trans Art Culture Fair at the COC’s Shakespeare Club in het Amsterdam Museum.

TranScreen presents 9 short films in a loop of about half an hour. Perspectives from and about the trans* community, from Argentine via India to Australia, varying from animation to live-action, from 2012 through 2018, it shows a range of powerful and funny images and stories.

The loop can be seen on Friday 3 August from 2 to 5 at the TransPride Trans Art Culture Fair at the COC’s Shakespeare Club in the Amsterdam Museum.



Let the Right One In (@ Kriterion)

Klassieke Horror film uit 2008 (Zweden) gepresenteerd door TranScreen tijdens de Pride in Amsterdam. De mooiste, fijnste vampierfilm ever! Donderdag 2 augustus 21:30 Filmhuis Kriterion Amsterdam.

5 mei “Check It” Acceptance is Worth Fighting For!

To celebrate Liberation day on the 5th of May -the end of the second world war-  we screen: “Check It”
plus a short film, banned from Turkey:
In collaboration with Cinema Kriterion.

19:30 Kriterion, Roetersstraat 170, 1018 WE Amsterdam
Reserveren: 020 623 17 08


Fed up with being pushed around, a group of gay and trans teens of color form a gang and fight back on the brutal streets of Washington D.C. They call their gang ‘Check it’ and this group of one-time victims of bullying, rape and abuse have turned the tables on anyone trying to hurt them. The group formed to provide its members safety in numbers and let people know that if they jump a queer kid in D.C., they may get beaten into a coma.

This raw and intimate portrait follows three childhood friends as they struggle to survive and claw their way out of gang life through an unlikely avenue: fashion. Co-directors Toby Oppenheimer and Dana Flor create a moving story of empowerment and a provocative exploration of class, marginalization and gang violence in the United States.


Yeniden Doğuş, Rebirth

Rebirth is a dance ritual. With every move, we are born again. With every little step, we cut the umbilical cord. With every turn, we create a new shell for ourselves.

Rebirth reflects the transformation of a performer with every beat on stage. She/he tears apart the veils the society has stitched on her/himself during the ritual. She/he gives birth to her/his new identity over and over again.

Directors: Gökçe Oraloğlu & Zehra Gökcimen
Cast: Ahsen Gönülce
Turkey, 2017, 4’, color
Turkish with English subtitles